About Us

Produce Express and the Fruit Box started out back in 1992 and was founded by Barry Lynn and his business partner. At that time, Produce Express delivered fresh fruit and vegetables to homes across Auckland twice a week. As demand grew, Produce Express ventured into organic produce. Some time later, they started supplying quality fresh fruit boxes to offices in Auckland City on a regular basis. Produce Express had found its niche – delivering the Fruit Box.

Barry still sources the fruit at 4am in the morning to make sure all his customers get the best fruit.

Our fruit box today

Barry still chooses the best quality fresh fruit from the markets each week utilising our knowledge of fruit sourcing. The fruit is then packed and delivered to workplaces across Auckland all on the very same day. This process cuts out long periods of storage helping in retaining the freshness, taste and nutritional value of ourFruit Box. Since we hand select the fruit ourselves and it does not go into storage for days, we are absolutely sure that what we are supplying is the very best in taste and quality available that week.

  • Our Fruit Box is 100% recyclable and we would encourage you to do so!
  • There has been a rapidly growing trend of Auckland businesses offering fresh fruit to staff, as a means to promote a healthy workplace.
  • Many offices are discovering that employees would like more from their workplace than just the pay cheque at the end of the month – especially where this concerns health and well-being!
  • We believe that fresh fruit, much like the fresh drinking water dispenser which can now be found in every office, should be made available to employees in every office across Auckland.
  • We are committed to helping companies create healthy workplaces for their employees.
  • By making regular Fruit Box deliveries we are able to keep our prices low for you, while still offering the highest quality fruit and customer service.
  • No fixed contracts and once your order and payment is in place it’s automatic
Founded on 20 years of previous experience in the industry, it’s our mission to provide exceptional service and outstanding produce.

We search the country, bringing the best to you!

Ph: 08003784848

Email: info@produceexpress.net.nz